Nancy T. Angelini
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Nancy T. Angelini
Supplement Super Sleuth ™

Angel Healing Group's Founder and Source of Inspiration:

Nancy Angelini, LMT

A Brief Background:

    Coming from a family of seven sisters and one brother, Nancy Angelini learned to depend on her own resources. From an early age Nancy had a wide ranging curiosity about "how things worked". A self-described "auto-didactic", Nancy has spent years feeding that curiosity. In her early twenties, she developed a deep fascination with alternative methods of health care and rejuvenation, what we might now call Alternative and Complementary approaches to health and wellbeing. This came in a large part due to her own health challenges and the influence of the alternative healthcare practitioners she herself used in her quest to restore her own vibrant health.

    For more than twenty five years Nancy has been an active and successful licensed practitioner in the state of Massachusetts. She spent many years earning advanced degrees and completing extensive training in multiple forms of therapeutic bodywork. As an offshoot of this, she became involved in clinical herbalism and the Natural Foods industry as a well-respected educator on topics of safe uses of herbs, nutritional supplementation and healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Having performed over 1500 natural health and healing lectures in both the US and abroad, Nancy never fails to inspire and engage audiences. She shares openly and expertly, having developed different platforms of learning for leaders in the natural products industry, published articles on natural health in prestigious journals and newsletters and from her own clinical experience. Nancy brings this wealth of experience to her clients at Angel Healing Group.

    Over the past 20 years, Nancy has been an avid student and advocate of herbal remedies and therapeutics, learning from many different teachers and practitioners of this ancient art. Formally trained at the East West School of Herbal Studies, founded and run by world renowned herbalists and acupuncturists Drs Michael and Lesley Tierra, L Ac, OMD, Nancy integrates the herbal wisdom of centuries of traditions and proven effectiveness from around the world into her ongoing clinical practice.

    A Unique Environment of Mutual Agreement:

    Honest, clear, and to the point, Nancy's practice and approach is rooted in the idea of Mutual Agreement between her clients and herself. This mutual agreement is based on accountability, personal dedication and personal discipline. Nancy believes and has seen firsthand that it is both the practitioner and the client who are accountable for the success or failure of any health regimen. Each party needs to be present and give 110% to the process in order for the outcome to be successful.

    The clients of Angel Healing Group receive a deeper, personalized look at their health challenges and possible lifestyle habits that may be keeping them from their own health goals. Nothing is suggested and no path explored without the client's full understanding of the "what's" and "why's" of their own unique situations and lifestyle recommendations. There are no "Cookie Cutter" clients at Angel Healing Group and thus there are no "Cookie Cutter" solutions.

    We assure you that we will listen to, see, and investigate all of the nuances of each client's situation before making any recommendations. From that point on, an agreement is mutually entered into. Both client and practitioner show up and do the work needed to bring about the desired results.

    Our Invitation to You:

    It is our belief at Angel Healing Group that this mutual level of commitment between client and practitioner insures the best possible outcome. We invite you to make your commitment to your own improved wellbeing and long term good health. Let us work together towards that goal.