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Client Satisfaction

" I truly believe we come across people in our lives as well as have the people we have in our lives for certain reasons. I fortunately had a close friend who seen my life spiraling out of control, I had not taken care of my self in years. I would work endless hours in a business I love but lacked certain things to keep my self-going. A statement from someone who came into my life and has helped me said “Your hanging on by a thread my dear friend”. There was never more truth heard in a single statement. I met Nancy through a friend who I respect his opinion and recommendations very much. The first thing he said was just give it a try. I’m glad I did. Nancy worked a program up for me that has worked wonders, I may not be a person who likes to admit I am not feeling good or not operating at my best. Nancy recognized this, since Nancy has put me a strict diet along with regular sessions doing bodywork. I can truly say it has been a new journey filled with becoming my best version of myself. Nancy showed me the way (Which would not have been possible without the help and support of my partner who read along with me all the things I could and couldn’t eat as well as making sure I keep up with making my appointments as she knows the benefits of my sessions. Before I met Nancy below are some of the things I experienced below.

  • Bloating (this became normal to me as it’s all I knew for a long time). I no longer have a bloated stomach and now nourish myself with the correct foods I need to perform my 14-16 hour days.
  • Insomnia/Restlessness. (I now sleep better than I have ever have waking up feeling energized and ready to deal with whatever problems arise during the day).
  • Anxiety (Being anxious was just as much a normal thing to me as eating unhealthy. Nancy worked herbs in to help with this which has helped me be calm in collective along with helping me not be agitated with normal everyday issues). Not sweating the small stuff anymore.
  • Sore and Tightness (Through my regular maintenance body sessions (call it oil changes just like our cars/trucks but let’s face it I treated my truck better than myself).

Thank you Nancy for helping create a life of that I knew was not my life into my life that brings me smiles to the thought it was there all along I just needed guidance to access it."

- Christopher

" Nancy has truly been a blessing to us. Not only is she an amazing person that shines light on everyone she comes across, but she is one of the best healers I have ever met or worked with and one of the best practitioners in the world when it comes to treating Lyme Disease.
After several months of high dose antibiotics and trips to the vet, my dog Bella was not doing well with her battle against Lyme. The vet had exhausted most avenues of treatment that she knew of and was out of options. That’s when Nancy stepped in.
Nancy gave us hope when there wasn’t much left. Her herbal formulas and recommendations couldn’t be more perfect. She explains everything thoroughly, makes sure you are comfortable with treatment and goes out of her way to make sure you are ok. She puts her clients and their well-being before anything else including herself.
After a couple weeks of strictly following Nancy’s treatment protocol, my Bella is a new dog. Her pain and inflammation have decreased significantly. She has energy and actually wants to move around. Her appetite and digestion are great. It is unbelievable what a turn-around she has had. A few weeks ago, I was afraid she might not make it and now my girl is happy, healthy and on a road to recovery thanks to Nancy. We are forever grateful!!!!!"

- Jenn

" After years of searching for relief from Bartonella and Babesia, I found Angel Healing Group. My story begins two years ago when I was bitten by a tick. I was experiencing symptoms similar to a heart attack. The doctors at my primary care believed the symptoms were not Lyme related, but they were wrong. IGeneX testing confirmed this and I was put on four different antibiotics for a year. Unfortunately, the protocol only temporarily relieved the symptoms. At the same time my children were also showing signs of Lyme Disease including anxiety, heart palpitations, an inability to focus mentally, and breathlessness. The more I educated myself, the more I knew I need to find help. I learned about Angel Healing Group and have been completely symptom free now that I am three months into my weekly, all natural treatments. My daughters are also on the road to recovery and we owe it all to Angel Healing. "

- Michele

" Angel Healing Group has been helpful with not only relieving my pain but also with educating me on prevention and corrective ways to take care of myself from head-to-toe. The environment at Angel Healing Group is so peaceful, it is like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. My shoulder and back muscles were very tight from a previous neck injury and my friend recommended the services of Angel Healing group to help with my pain. If you are looking for results, I would recommend Angel Healing Group. "

- Richard

" It is with great pleasure that I share the sense of blessing I have for being in Nancy's care...I had been on a downward spiral for years and did not understand the myriad of symptoms that plagued me...Despite my efforts to find answers in the traditional medical community the answers I was provided with were just temporary band-aids. I was right on target with what Nancy had predicted in terms of my turn around time. i still have a short way to go with treatment but have very high expectations for my life ahead. Thank you Nancy for what you do and for the care you have in doing it "

- Ruth Mavilla

" The improvements in my overall health have been very significant to me. What is remarkable is that I have only been your client for a mere 9 weeks. Since adopting your carefully designed and customized protocol I noticed my health started to improve just days into the program. I believe you have a very unique gift and your truly holistic approach to healing the body is magnificent. I haven't felt this healthy, this vibrant since well before my bout with cancer over 20 years ago. "

- Mario Conetta

" Nancy has been with me every step of the way, is always available via text or email and answers to each of my concerns, adjusting my program as needed. Her body work is transformational and her knowledge of herbal, Chinese and natural medicine is vast. If you can commit to a partnership in finding the healthiest you , I recommend Nancy Angelini. "


" I met Nancy at a time when I was abandoned and left for dead by traditional western medical practices when my chronic Lyme Disease had been dismissed by every specialty I sought care from. I was so incredibly broken and every system in my body had begun to fail from a decade of missed tick born illness and total body toxicity burden. Nancy's heartfelt approach and careful consideration of my case has saved my life. After partnering with her for a year I am well on my way to recovery from chronic illness and I owe it all to Nancy's knowledge, compassion and tireless commitment to my improvement. "


" I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and pain for as long as I can remember...without formal diagnosis I might add. I am a Registered Nurse and have great respect for the medical community but after years of intermittent random pain, hip replacement with revision, two preterm births and generalized malaise I searched beyond Western Medicine.

I chose to do a urine test to see if any of my symptoms were caused by a tick borne illness. Lyme came up positive. I later found out through lab work that I also had Epstein Barr. I currently see a Naturopath in Portsmouth, but recently found Nancy Angelini in Boxford to complement my treatment.

Sitting across from Nancy for the first time brought tears to my eyes. It was like she knew everything I had been struggling with for years. Using her expertise in Chinese Medicine, she evaluated my tongue and pulses as well as got a thorough medical history. Her herbal plan and food regimen have been amazing. Although this was in no way a weight loss venture, I have to note that I lost 10 pounds in about a month and a half. I had been struggling to drop even a pound for years. The scale never moved and my diet was very clean. I think my road will be long, but the changes in my body are remarkable and my energy level is definitely improving. I haven’t even tried all of the tricks up Nancy’s sleeve yet, such as Ionic Foot Soaks and regular oxygen therapy. I have had body work done by Nancy, and as a former Massage Therapist, I can truly attest she is amazing. She literally straightened me out, which unfortunately revealed, one leg is shorter. Knowledge is power, and the more I work with Nancy the more she unravels. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone that is not getting results from traditional practices or that just doesn’t feel their absolute best. We all at least deserve that. "


" I am almost 75 years old, and have been challenged by Epstein-Barr virus for decades. I have tried many different regimens with many different doctors, with no significant improvement.

Someone recommended Nancy Angelini. Luckily, I was in the Boston area last summer and was able to meet with her and follow various regimens she recommended. And since that time, I have been following her advice on supplements, rife Machine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc.

I just recently had a blood test, and for the first time in many many years, my EBV levels were negative! And I have been feeling better for the past half year. I owe it all to Nancy, and I wholeheartedly recommend her."


" As a professional cyclist from 1995-2009 my body has literally been a science project for everyone in the sports physiology world, to nutritionists, traditional western medical community, and more. It's fair to say, having paid close attention to everything introduced into my system from food to workload, that I know when I’m right and definitely know when things are a bit off.

It was roughly 5 years ago at the age of 42 that I was approached with what I would call a light professional contract to race after retiring in 2009. These types of agreements at that age are to race in national caliber races but mostly ambassador for local youth racing and smaller race promotion. I started the year training in January as I always did 6 days a week, 14-17 hours of riding. With complete transparency, I struggled to complete workouts week after week, chalking it up as just being an aging “former” professional. After completing the season with many local professional podiums and a couple of National Top 10 finishes, I figured I’ll take it and leaned on my age as not being on the top step anymore. A few more seasons went by with similar agreements and my energy levels decreased, to the point my coach said bloodwork was necessary to make sure we were not pushing to far into the red. I went to the doctor, blood work was perfect, despite me complaining about fatigue, heart palpitations, and anxiety after hard weeks of riding. This went on for years and my 6-7 days of training was diminished to 3-4 with only one real day of hard work. This was all I could handle physically and mentally.

Fast forward to 2018 and a mildly concerned search for what was wrong, albeit I was still functioning at a high level, some racing and training while being a husband and father of two, lots going on. A racing friend/colleague reached out to have me get tested for Lyme, I said no way, Lyme patients are really sick I am not, I’m 46 years old now trying to ride, be a dad, husband, work etc. My coaches and colleague convinced me of Lyme, I went to the doctor, nope I’m clean, no Lyme. Then they said I have to go through a different Lyme DNA test, not a traditional path, in addition to more blood work searching for other tick borne illness. BINGO, POSITIVE! Not for a current infection of Lyme, but an infection that I’ve had and was missed for years. Furthermore, the bloodwork came back positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a very rare tick borne illness that can be extremely dangerous if not treated. I was treated by a naturopathic doctor with some traditional methods and some alternative which resulted in a “slight” change for the better, there was no food program associated.

Workouts continued, work continued, brain fog was there at times, achy back, this is when someone convinced me to reach out to Nancy at Angel Healing Group. I’ll admit, I was exhausted just thinking about going to see someone else to help tell me I was an aging athlete, with a Lyme infection. I was wrong, it was arguably the BEST decision I have ever made in my entire racing career, and life for my personal health. I am currently working with Nancy with a food healing plan for my body along with an herbal regimen and Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy (HBOT). It has been a few months now and I can’t believe the results, clear head, ability to train and increase heart rate again, a feeling of recovery day after day with no fatigue slide by mid day. Most important, let's look at the data. I work with group out of Harvard that track performance, sleep performance, day strain (not necessarily workout, but life strain also), all tracking Heart Rate Variability. It is gauged by varying beats in the heart, not resting rate, look it up it's fascinating. Daily scores are either red, yellow or green with a percentage of your bodies recovery. Prior to Nancy my HRV was averaging 45-50 (average score, higher is better) with a couple greens a week, two reds and few yellows. Since following the diet, herbal regimen, HBOT Therapy, I see only greens and an average HRV of 64-70, a drastic increase in recovery especially after HBOT therapy. It is only when I fall off the regimen diet for a day or a couple of meals that levels change into red or yellow, a testament to the program.

Nancy has literally changed my life both physically and mentally. I’m not sure I would have the will to train again and I’m already mapping out what races I want to do in 2019. Nancy is a professional, caring, incredibly intelligent practitioner that I am now indebted to for how she has helped my wife and I (another lyme victim). The only thing I can say is thank you, and I am so grateful to have found Nancy and the Angel Healing Group. "

—Matthew O’Keefe